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Free Shipping & COD Available

Students also may apply for private loans with their lender

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Students also may apply for private loans with their lender

Summer 2022 aid is based on the 2021-2022 FAFSA information. If you have not completed the 2021-2022 FAFSA, you must complete it by to be considered for summer aid.

Summer financial aid is available for students who are enrolled for the summer term and have remaining aid that was not utilized during the prior fall and spring terms. The summer term is the final term in the academic year at the University of Houston. Therefore, if a student has completed the FAFSA for fall and/or spring, the application also includes the following summer. Students enrolled for summer courses will be evaluated for summer aid by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid starting the end of April. Students should finalize their summer enrollment by April 30. Notification of summer aid eligibility will be emailed to students at the email address on file. Students should update contact information in their myUH self-service account.

Federal Direct Loans require at least half-time enrollment (6 credit hours for undergraduate/law/optometry/pharmacy/medical students, 5 credit hours for graduate students)

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Current Students Students who attended the University of Houston (main campus) during the fall and/or spring term will only need to register for summer classes; no additional application form is needed. Students enrolling in repeat courses for the summer are encouraged to read the Financial Aid Repeat Course Policy.

Transfer Students Students new to the University for the spring or summer term will need to complete a Summer Transfer Monitor form if it is initiated on their myUH To-Do List. A student’s eligibility and enrollment will determine the awarding of summer financial aid.

Verification Deadline If you are selected for verification, the UH Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will notify you via email regarding any additional information that is needed or any changes to your aid offer due to verification. Any requested information is initiated in your myUH To-Do List and is required to process your financial aid application. To allow time for accurate processing, the deadline to submit documents to UH for Summer 2022 financial aid is . You must already have an official EFC, as a result of completing a FAFSA, processed by the U.S. Department of Education in order to submit any requested documents to our office.

Federal Direct Loans Students’ summer loan eligibility is based on their remaining annual loan eligibility for loans received at UH or another institution during the academic year

Warning: If you purposely provide false or misleading information, you will be reported to the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Education, and may be subject to a fine, sentenced to jail or both.

Summer Awards Limited amounts of institutional grant assistance may be available to students who demonstrate financial need, however, funds are limited and will be awarded based on date order of summer registration. In addition, two types of federal funding sources are available for summer via the FAFSA, based on remaining eligibility: Federal Pell Grant Funds and student loans.

Federal Pell Grant Program Students eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program can receive up to 150 percent of their scheduled Federal Pell Grant each year. This means that if you received Federal Pell Grant Program funds for both fall and spring terms, you funds for the summer.

If you enrolled full-time (12+ hours) and received your full-time Federal Pell Grant for fall and spring, you must enroll in at least half-time (6 hours) for the summer term to be offered summer Federal Pell Grant Program funds. You must have lifetime Pell Grant eligibility remaining in order to qualify for these additional funds. Being enrolled less than half-time will result in cancellation of summer Federal Pell Grant Program funds.

Students who received their annual loan limit the past fall and spring terms no longer have loan eligibility for the summer term. Students who alter their enrollment after being awarded will need to complete a Revision Request form requesting an aid adjustment. Federal Direct Loans will be canceled for students who are enrolled less than half-time.

Please note that students may not receive federal aid from multiple institutions during the same enrollment period. This would result in cancellation of aid and a resulting balance due to the University.

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